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Thu. July 31, 2014 EDITOR'S PICKS :  
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Lead Story in Context
Issue: Israel's Jewish Identity. What Does it Mean?
MidEast Week
PA: Made "Generous" Offer; Israel: "Bring it to the Table"
Rocket fire paralyzes life in Ashkelon
Palestinian Family Accepts Condolence Visit
Israeli Students Prepare for Cyber-War
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Gaza Fighting Affects Mood in West Bank
Behind the Tunnels with IDF Spokesman
UNRWA warns of a growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
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News in Context
Israeli Home Front Becomes Battlefront
War realities touch on all aspects of life Ashkelon, Israel – With its rows of cubicles and telephones, the underground...
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Canadian Parliamentarians Join Jerusalem Rally
Recuperating Wounded Israeli Soldiers in Hospitals
Life in Gaza Grows Increasingly Difficult
Syrian Fighting Pushed to the Sidelines
Israelis Back Destruction of All Gaza Tunnels
Mapping Missiles Keeps City Safer
Israeli-Hamas Battle Blasts Tourists from Mediterranean Beaches
Israel Debates Efficacy of Military Ground Operation
Hamas Back in the Center of Things
Featured Stories
Not Clear if Hamas is Stronger or Weaker Today Hamas gunmen killed three Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip today, raising the total number of soldiers killed....
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Stephen Farrell is a Middle East correspondent for The New York Times, previously the Jerusalem bureau

Facts in Context: Turmoil Watch

Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal

Israel Moves Against Gaza Tunnels; Losses Mount
As Expected, Iran Talks Extended
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Baghdad Fights Troubling Tobacco Trend Among Youth

Arab Media Opens New Doors for Israelis

Azerbaijan: a Conservative Booming post-Soviet State

One Family's Loss in Gaza

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Question of the week:
If you are swimming in the Bay of Benghazi where are you?
Gospel Trail Puts Tourists on Path of Jesus
In Search of the West Bank’s Elusive Sufi Trail
New Israeli Call-up Presages Fight to Finish
US Allows Israel to Take from Standing Emergency Munitions Supply
Water and Electricity in Short Supply in the Gaza Strip
Media in the UAE
The Casualty War
Holiday Celebrations Stay Low-Key in West Bank
Israel-Hamas War’s Toxic Tweets
Israel Flight Cancellations Tip of Economic Iceberg
Israeli soldiers at a funeral for a soldier killed in Gaza fighting (click to enlarge)
Different Perspectives on Egypt

US-Israel Relations Take a Hit

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