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Thu. February 26, 2015 EDITOR'S PICKS :  
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Lead Story in Context
Issue: Israel's Jewish Identity. What Does it Mean?
MidEast Week
PA: Made "Generous" Offer; Israel: "Bring it to the Table"
More Arabs Join Israel's National Service
Jews Killed in Paris Attack Buried in Israel
Islamic State Continues to Gain Ground in Syria
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Netanyahu's Planned Speech to Congress Sparks Controversy
Egypt Intensifies Crackdown on Islamists
More Shekels for Your Dollar
Hizbullah Threatens Revenge After Israeli Attack
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News in Context
Israeli Election Still Up For Grabs
Israelis Known for Switching Parties     Less than three weeks before...
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Palestinians Warn Palestinian Authority Could Collapse
Arab Israelis Volunteering in Israel's National Service
Arab Academic College Encourages Womenís Education
Palestinians Embrace Valentines Day
Trade Between Israel and Turkey Booming
First Palestinian PhD Program Set to Open with German University
Economic Ties Between Israel and China Mushrooming
Crowd Funding: Game-Changer for Innovators and Investors
Turkey Cracks Down on Dissent
Featured Stories
  Goal is Self-Censorship, Say Activists   As Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) tightens its control over the country, it’s using every means at its disposal to silence its many critics, including ordinary citizens.   Ankara mayor and AKP....
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Stephen Farrell is a Middle East correspondent for The New York Times, previously the Jerusalem bureau
Qatar in Course-Correction Tilts Toward Egypt


Facts in Context: Turmoil Watch

Synagogue Guard Slain in Copenhagen Bat Mitzva Attack; Arrest Made in Paris
Palestinian Authority Condemns Murder of Muslims in US
Editor's Pick:

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Baghdad Fights Troubling Tobacco Trend Among Youth

Arab Media Opens New Doors for Israelis

Palestinian Human Rights Activates Palestinian Human Rights Activist Implores Nobel Laureate: No Money to Hamas

Azerbaijan: a Conservative Booming post-Soviet State

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Question of the week:
If you are swimming in the Bay of Benghazi where are you?
Gospel Trail Puts Tourists on Path of Jesus
In Search of the West Bankís Elusive Sufi Trail
New Report on Israelís Skyrocketing Housing Prices Skewers Government
Christian Seminary in Jerusalem Torched in Suspected Hate Crime
Senior ISIS Commanders Killed in Air Strikes in Iraq
Media in the UAE
The Artist- Breaking The Barrier for Palestinian Artists
Resigned Yemeni Information Minister Bemoans Opportunities Lost
Overlooked, Battle for Watiyah Air Base Key to Libya's Future
Boycott Tests Depth of Palestinian Market
Tensions ran high along the border between Israel and Lebanon after Hizbullah killed two Israeli soldiers (click to enlarge)
Different Perspectives on Egypt

The Imam Who Played with Fire

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