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Thu. March 26, 2015 EDITOR'S PICKS :  
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Issue: Israel's Jewish Identity. What Does it Mean?
MidEast Week
PA: Made "Generous" Offer; Israel: "Bring it to the Table"
Israeli and Palestinian Women Wage Peace
Israel's Arab Parties United For Election
More Arabs Join Israel's National Service
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Gaza Reconstruction Has Barely Begun
Palestinians Hope for Upset in Israeli Elections
Netanyahu's Planned Speech to Congress Sparks Controversy
Egypt Intensifies Crackdown on Islamists
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Baghdad Fights Troubling Tobacco Trend Among Youth
by Rachelle Kliger on Thursday, April 09, 2009

(Mideast Image)
Nearly seven percent of adolescent Iraqis have smoked shisha, and more than three percent have smoked tobacco, raising concerns among health officials about future diseases that could arise as a result.   This was one of the findings of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey carried out recently by Iraq’s Ministry of Health.   Shisha, also known as a water pipe or hookah pipe, has gained immense popularity in the Middle East.   The fact that it is so popular among Iraq youth is.....

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Arab Media Opens New Doors for Israelis
by Rachelle Kliger on Thursday, April 02, 2009

(Dudi Saad/TML Photos)
The burst of information that has washed across the Arab world since the mid-nineties has caused dramatic changes in the media landscape.   Hundreds of satellite channels and a flourishing Internet have given Arabs ample means to dodge censorship and have their say.   Israeli journalists covering the Arab world also see new opportunities for opening windows.   Ksenia Svetlova, an Israel-based journalist covering the region for several Israeli media outlets, says she is always amazed by the immense curiosity she.....

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Omani Women Bring Art to Fashion Design
by Priyanka Sacheti on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A design by Najla Al-Kindi. (Courtesy)
[Muscat, Oman] Situated on the edge of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman possesses a rich, textured history, which has witnessed much cultural interfacing over the centuries, whether through Omani sailors trading across distant shores or through being located on the famed Silk Route.   However, whilst embracing and assimilating the trappings of modern development only as recently as 1970 with the ascension of its ruler, Sultan Qabus Bin Sa'id to the throne, the country remains firm.....

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Gulf Women Targeted for Cross Dressing
by Rachelle Kliger on Thursday, March 12, 2009

(TML Photos)
The United Arab Emirates is launching a campaign to fight women who dress as men, according to a report in the German press agency and several Arab news outlets.   The government campaign was launched on Wednesday under the title, “Pardon me, I’m a girl.”   It was scantily reported in a couple of local publications. The Media Line was unable to get official confirmation to this campaign.   According to news reports, the Social Affairs Ministry said the campaign was aimed.....

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Barghouthi Spin Highlights Faults in MidEast Media
by Rachelle Kliger on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

(Dudi Saad/TML Photos)
Contradictory reports in the Israeli and Palestinian media are placing question marks over the reliability of the Middle Eastern media.   Reports are abounding regarding the inclusion of two senior jailed Palestinians in a possible deal to release Israel soldier Gilad Shalit from captivity in Gaza.   One is Marwan Barghouthi, a senior Fatah member, who is serving five consecutive life terms in an Israeli jail for his involvement in terrorism.   The other is Ahmad Sa’dat, who heads the Popular.....

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EXCLUSIVE: Taliban Vows to Fight with Renewed Zeal
by Shaheen Buneri on Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[Peshawar, Pakistan] Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Pakistan Taliban Movement, has called Afghan President Hamid Karzai's statement about sending troops to fight militants in Pakistan tribal areas “sick” and the “creation of a baffled mind,” and has vowed to resist U.S.-led NATO forces with renewed vigor both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Addressing a press conference, Karzai on Sunday threatened to send Afghan troops across the border to fight militants in Pakistan adding, "[they] come and kill Afghanis and.....

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French Court Rules in Favor of A-Durra Footage Critic
by Rachelle Kliger on Thursday, May 22, 2008

A French court of appeals has ruled in favor of a French media critic activist who criticized a French television channel for what he alleged was a falsified report about the killing of a Palestinian boy by Israeli soldiers eight years ago.   The ruling overturns a previous verdict of a lower French court which ruled that the activist, Philippe Karsenty, was guilty of libeling the state-owned French television channel France 2 and its Jerusalem correspondent Charles Enderlin.   Karsenty claimed.....

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Arabic Endangered in a Gulf Awash with Foreigners
by Rachelle Kliger on Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dubai (Andreas Schmidt)
Arabic is being used less frequently in the Gulf, because of the increasing population of foreigners in these countries, and is in danger of vanishing, a sociology expert says.   In most Gulf countries today the majority of the population is made up of foreigners who have come there to seek employment and they do not speak Arabic.   In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for example, fewer than 20 percent of the four-million-strong population are Emiratis, while the rest hail.....

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Thirsty Jordan will Struggle for Water this Summer
by Mohammad Ben Hussein on Thursday, April 10, 2008

(Dudi Saad/TML Photos)
[Amman] Jordan is this year facing a severe drought, the likes of which it has not witnessed in decades. The government is scrambling to find means of coping by reducing supplies to households and spearheading a nationwide campaign to encourage rationing.   Rivers and lakes are a rare commodity in this desert kingdom, with most of the water supply coming from dams that collect water during the rainy winter season or from springs that have been siphoning off the.....

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Israel Spearheading Water-Security Technolgy
by Rachelle Kliger on Sunday, March 30, 2008

(Dudi Saad/TML Photos)
Akin to concerns in the Arab world about threats against strategic oil installations, Israel is taking precautions to safeguard one of its most cherished assets – water.   Lower than average rainfall this last winter means Israel is grappling with its fifth consecutive dry year, bringing Israel's most important water reservoir – the Sea of Galilee – to its lowest level in 46 years.   The current water crisis, paired with a continuous threat from surrounding countries, highlights Israel's.....

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