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Israel’s Coalition Conundrum (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

The establishment of an Israeli government is being blocked by politics, but also by procedures

Israel’s most recent election – its second this year – produced a virtual tie between the two largest political factions: the Likud party of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and Blue and White, a centrist alliance of parties that is led by political newcomer Benny Gantz.

The result? Netanyahu, who was considered to have a better chance at forming a government with other factions, gave it a try. And failed.

The mandate to form a government is now in the hands of Gantz – and observers are already speaking about the inevitability of yet another election.

Could Israel’s political system be in a hopeless tie? And if it is, what might be the way out?

To learn more, The Media Line spoke with Alon Sapir, a lawyer with the Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

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