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The Netanyahu Indictment: Some Good News and Some Bad News (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

The Media Line speaks with a former prosecutor about the significance of two new details emerging from the prosecution’s plans to try Israel’s prime minister for alleged corruption

The indictment of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has yet to be officially submitted – it will become official only once it is submitted to the court that will try him. Yet the public got a glimpse when the office of Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit delivered it to the country’s parliament for use by lawmakers who could discuss a potential request by Netanyahu for parliamentary immunity.

We now know that the trial will take place in Jerusalem and that prosecutors are prepared to call no fewer than 333 witnesses.

To hear more about the significance of what on the surface appear to be two mere factoids, The Media Line spoke with Nadav Blum, a Jerusalem lawyer and former prosecutor.

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