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Israeli Politics: A System in Deep Flux (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

Despite a paralyzing political stalemate, the ongoing evolution of parties and a prime minister seeking to use all this to his advantage in fending off his many legal woes, one political scientist in Israel remains optimistic

The Israeli political system is in a period of tremendous upheaval.

A political stalemate is sending the country to its third snap election in less than a year, leaving much of the state in paralysis. Parties are merging and morphing, literally changing the landscape. And finally, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, facing indictments for alleged corruption, is using all of this to his benefit, seeking to delay his day in court, if not prevent it.

What’s more, there is a clear synergy in all this, meaning that the outcome cannot possibly be foreseen.

Dr. Einat Wilf is a Cambridge-trained political scientist and former member of Knesset, Israel’s parliament. She is a Netanyahu critic, yet she tells The Media Line that despite a “political circus,” she believes his days are numbered because the system, despite the upheaval, remains strong.

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