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Right-wing Alliance Turns its Back on Netanyahu (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

The Media Line speaks with insider Jeremy Saltan on why Yamina has chosen to sit in Israel’s opposition

Yamina, an alliance of right-wing political parties, has decided to remain outside the coalition led by right-wing Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu that is slated to be sworn in this week as Israel’s next government.

The coalition will include Benny Gantz, leader of the centrist Blue and White party, who, if all goes as planned, is supposed to assume the prime minister’s chair in another 18 months. It’s that, as well as the presence in the coalition of some Center-Left lawmakers, that left Naftali Bennett, the more or less titular head of Yamina, hanging by a thread until Sunday morning’s announcement.

The Media Line spoke with Jeremy Saltan, director of English-language outreach for Yamina, to gain some insight into the decision.

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