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The Likud’s Choice: Netanyahu or Sa’ar (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

The Media Line speaks with historian Michael Oren about the Israeli prime minister’s fight to remain at the helm, whether it’s of his party or the nation

Israel’s Likud is holding an internal vote to determine whether Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stays on as party leader or must hand over the reins to Gideon Sa’ar, a popular former cabinet minister.

Netanyahu has been unable to form a new government after two snap elections – with a third coming up – and is facing indictments for alleged corruption. Party rebels think these are two good reasons for him to go, yet others, even if not true Netanyahu fans, fear the party will do worse under anyone else.

To learn more about the leadership vote – and about Netanyahu’s dogged determination to stay on, no matter the cost – The Media Line spoke with Dr. Michael Oren, a historian, a former Israeli ambassador to the US (appointed by Netanyahu) and a former member of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.

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