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Iran’s Rouhani Calls For ‘Unity’ Over Nuclear Agreement

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani called for “unity and cohesion” during a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The plea comes more than a day after Iran’s parliament called for Rouhani to be punished for an agreement reached over the weekend between the government and the International Atomic Energy Agency to allow continued nuclear inspections for three months.

“We should not face each other, we must stand together, we must not fight and know that what can defeat the enemy is not the law, but unity and integrity,” he said, according to Arab News. The Iranian lawmakers on Monday said the agreement is in violation of a law passed in December that ordered the government to stop permitting snap inspections by the IAEA of Iranian nuclear sites starting this week unless sanctions against the Islamic Republic were canceled.

Iran officially started limiting international inspections of its nuclear facilities on Tuesday

Rouhani also told the Cabinet that Iran is “committed to the principle of the agreement and its preservation, and if there is no patience and resistance of the Iranian people, the agreement collapses.”