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Gaza Cease-fire Reached – Then Broken

The Islamic Jihad Palestinian group and Israel achieved a cease-fire early on Thursday with help from Egypt and the United Nations, although it was breached at close to mid-day with a barrage of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. The truce was achieved several hours after the Israelis killed Rasmi Abu Malhous, described as the head of Islamic Jihad’s rocket operations. Sources in the Gaza Strip say as many as eight members of a family were killed in that attack, which took place in the central Gaza Strip. According to the Health Ministry there, at least 34 people have been killed since fighting broke out after Israel assassinated the local leader of Islamic Jihad early Tuesday in a targeted air strike, sending Palestinian rockets flying as far north as Tel Aviv. The rocket launches have sent tens of thousands of Israelis running for shelter, and several have been treated at hospitals for minor to moderate injuries, including shock.