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Herzog to meet Biden at White House on October 26

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has accepted an invitation from US President Joe Biden to meet in Washington DC, for his first official visit to the United States since taking office in July 2021. 

The two presidents will meet at the White House on October 26, a day after the Israeli leader arrives. 

During his visit, President Herzog will also meet with senior officials in the Biden administration, as well as members of the Senate and House, his office said in a statement Monday night, He will also meet with Jewish community leaders, his office said.

Presidents Biden and Herzog, who last met during the American leader’s visit to Israel, will discuss “strategic, security, and economic issues, including joint initiatives concerning the climate crisis,” according to the statement.

Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Herzog and US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides will be accompanying President Herzog on the trip.  The Israeli ambassador to the US and the Israeli president are brothers.

The Israeli presidents office said that trip’s purpose was “to reinforce the strong partnership between the United States and Israel and to reflect the deep ties between the two nations in these challenging times.”