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Iran Slaps Sanctions on EU and UK

Iran slapped sanctions on 34 individuals and entities in the European Union and in the United Kingdom in retaliation for British and EU sanctions against Iran over its crackdown on antigovernment protesters. The sanctions announced on Wednesday include blocking of accounts and transactions in Iranian banking systems and the halting of visas and entry to Iran. Iran accuses the individuals and entities of “supporting terrorism and terrorist groups, instigating and encouragement to terrorist acts and violence against Iranian people,” as well as “interference in the domestic affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and fomenting violence and unrest.”

Iran has accused several Western countries of fomenting the antigovernment protests that were sparked in September by the death of Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini while in the custody of the Islamic Republic’s morality police for allegedly wearing her hijab incorrectly.

Earlier this week the EU froze the assests of 37 Iranian officials and entities in its fourth round of sanctions against Iran. Britain also added five more Iranian officials to its blacklist of individuals and organizations.