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Iran’s Raisi Threatens Israel, Revived Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warns that any Israeli military strike on his country’s nuclear program would lead to the destruction of “the Zionist regime.”

Speaking Monday at a press conference to mark his first year in office, the hard-line president also cautions that continued international inspections for uranium particles at Iran’s undeclared nuclear sites will scupper the restoration of the nuclear agreement between Tehran and the world powers.

The 2015 agreement, which was abandoned by then-US President Donald Trump three years after its signing by his predecessor, President Barack Obama, saw Iran restrict its nuclear activities in return for an end to stringent international sanctions. The move by President Trump led to Iran also walking away from the agreement.

Israel has consistently opposed both the 2015 deal and the current plans to return to it under US President Joe Biden following his election in 2020.