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Israel, Hamas Taking Steps to Secure Gaza Border after Numerous Infiltrations

Both the Israeli military and Hamas have reportedly taken steps to prevent infiltration attempts from the Gaza Strip into Israel, following three such incidents since the beginning of August. According to Palestinian media, Gaza’s terrorist rulers have deployed additional fighters to the frontier with the understanding that further breaches could prompt a severe Israeli military response. For its part, Israel’s Defense Ministry is reportedly planning the construction of a six-meter (20 feet) wall inside Israeli territory along northern Gaza as a means of providing enhanced protection to surrounding Jewish communities. On Sunday, Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian who was wearing a Hamas headband and opened fire at them while attempting to cross the volatile, shared border. That incident came a day after the army killed four Palestinians who were in possession of AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenades who had penetrated the security fence. Earlier in August, a gunman donning a Hamas uniform was killed after wounding three Israeli troops along the frontier.