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Israel To Again Shoot For the Moon With Beresheet 2

Israel will again attempt to land on the moon. The Beresheet 2 project was launched on Wednesday by SpaceIL, which will undertake the project in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries and the Israeli Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology. President Reuven Rivlin hosted the project’s launch event, speaking online to schoolchildren, students and volunteers from the six space centers around the country. “Today, we are setting out on a new path, familiar but different, at the end of which we hope to land three spacecraft safely on the moon,” Rivlin said. The new Beresheet will comprise three spacecraft – one orbiter and two landers – and will be launched in around four years. Along with scientific missions and international cooperation, the project will be aimed at inspiring young people across the country from all parts of Israeli society to become engineers and innovators. The first Beresheet spacecraft crashed while attempting to land on the moon on April 11, 2019.