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Israeli Judge Orders PM’s Son to Remove Tweet on Protesters

A court in Jerusalem has ordered Yair Netanyahu, the eldest son of Israel’s prime minister, to delete a Twitter post calling for demonstrations outside the homes of those leading anti-government protests. Attached to the tweet was a document with the names, addresses and even birth dates of protest organizers. “I invite everyone to come to protest, day and night (the Supreme Court says it’s allowed), at the homes of these people that are organizing for us all the anarchy in the country in recent weeks,” Netanyahu wrote. Mass protests began months ago calling for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to resign over his corruption trial, but they have since morphed into even larger rallies against the coronavirus policies of his government. Some of the organizers say they received threats after the tweet appeared. The judge also ordered the prime minister’s son to refrain from harassment “in any form” over the coming six months. Netanyahu, 29, is active on social media, where he often attacks leftists, journalists and others with what is sometimes crude language. On numerous occasions, he has felt compelled to apologize