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Israel’s Netanyahu Rejects President’s Judicial Reform Compromise Proposal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night rejected President Isaac Herzog’s proposal to mediate the contentious judicial reform. The proposal was put forward after weeks of discussions with coalition government ministers, opposition lawmakers, and legal experts.

Herzog warned that the country was “on the verge of civil war” and suggested a compromise that, he said, reflected the views of a wide section of Israeli society. However, Netanyahu dismissed the proposal, stating that key sections only perpetuate the existing situation and fail to bring the required balance to Israel’s government.

The proposed judicial reform has caused widespread controversy, with critics arguing that it would give Netanyahu and his coalition allies the power to override Supreme Court decisions and control all judicial appointments. They warn that this would severely damage the separation of powers mechanism in the government and that Netanyahu, who is currently on trial for graft charges, has a conflict of interest.

Despite the backlash, Netanyahu’s coalition has continued to push ahead with the overhaul, arguing that it is necessary to curb what they view as an overly activist Supreme Court. The controversy has led to some of the largest protests seen in Israel’s history, with legal experts, business leaders, and senior security officials among those speaking out against the proposed reform.