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Jordan Introducing Jail Sentences to Flouters of New Covid-19 Regulations

Jordan announced that jail sentences of up to a year will be given to organizers of public activities comprised of more than 20 people. The new order, meant to stem further increase in Coronavirus cases, includes weddings, parties, funerals and other social gatherings. According to government spokesperson Amjad Adailah, these orders are a continuation of April 2020’s emergency laws providing the government with more authority to curb civic rights and will be strictly enforced. On Thursday, Jordan reported its highest daily Coronavirus toll: 279 new cases of COVID-19.  Due to dozens of new cases in the education sector including both teachers and students, the Monarchy also suspended schools for two weeks for over 2 million pupils. Schools reopened in September following a five-month closure. Earlier in the week, the government closed places of worship and restaurants for a two-week period to cut COVID-19s’ spread. Despite the new closures, the government has not returned to a nationwide closure as was the case last spring.