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Israeli Attacks Kill Over 200 Gazans, Over 3,350 Rockets Fired on Israel

More than 200 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed since the start of cross-border attacks last week, Gaza health officials told reporters on Tuesday. The total includes some 61 children. Ten Israelis, including two children have been killed.

More than 3,350 rockets have been fired on Israel in eight days of fighting, according to the Israel defense forces. The IDF reported on Tuesday morning that overnight fighter jets and aircraft attacked Hamas military targets in the Ramal neighborhood in western Gaza City, as well as a number of rocket launchers aimed at hitting the cities of Tel Aviv and Ashkelon and other areas of Israel. The IDF also said that it attacked 12 senior Hamas commanders’ houses in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours.

Rocket fire from Gaza on Israel slowed on Monday night, with a six-hour lull until about 6 a.m.

Gaza is currently suffering a humanitarian crisis, with scarce electricity and water supplies. Six of the 10 electrical lines providing power in Gaza have been downed, some reportedly by Hamas rockets that missed their targets in Israel. In addition, the complete closure of border crossings in to Gaza has prevented the entrance of fuel supplies for the only power station in Gaza. Israel reportedly is considering reopening the Kerem Shalom crossing in to Gaza to allow fuel and other humanitarian supplies to enter.

Israel on Tuesday morning downed a drone that entered Israeli airspace through Jordan. It is not known if it was carrying explosives. On Monday night six rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon, triggering the Code Red rocket alert. The rockets did not land in Israel. Shortly after, the military ordered bomb shelters to be opened in communities near the northern border.

The United Nations General Assembly is scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss the Israel-Gaza situation. The meeting comes after three UN Security Council attempts to pass a resolution condemning the violence were vetoed by the United States.