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Most Israelis Adhere to Second Pandemic Lockdown

Israel’s highways, main thoroughfares, public squares and sidewalks have been mostly empty since the country entered its second nationwide lockdown on Friday afternoon due to a continuing rise in coronavirus statistics. Individuals are allowed to shop for food and pharmaceuticals during the lockdown, although being the Rosh Hashana New Year holiday, the vast majority seen outside since the closure went into effect are those taking a walk or jogging within 500 yards of home. Police did break up an ad hoc protest against the lockdown by young people who had gathered on Friday at one of the beaches in Tel Aviv, but are allowing protests to continue – under coronavirus guidelines of mask-wearing and social distancing – outside the official residence of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. The protesters are seeking Netanyahu’s resignation while he stands trial for alleged corruption, and also for the way he and his government have been handling the pandemic. Israel is believed to be the first country in the world to undergo a second lockdown, with many health experts saying the first was lifted too soon and too abruptly, leading low morbidity figures to skyrocket in a relatively short amount of time. Lately, on a per capita basis, Israel has been leading the world in new daily infections.