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Off Again: Egypt, Sudan End Dam Talks with Ethiopia

Egypt and Sudan on Wednesday abruptly ended talks with Ethiopia over a new dam, accusing it of seeking to abrogate a 1902 colonial-era treaty with Britain that oversees the flow of the Nile River. Ethiopia says its Grand Renaissance Dam, built across the Blue Nile, one of the two main tributaries for the Nile River, will allow it to become an exporter of electricity but will also provide the region with flood control. It is seeking a new treaty that will focus solely on the Blue Nile. Both Cairo and Khartoum insist the dam will reduce their share of the Nile because the Blue Nile, which will effectively be harnessed by the dam, contributes as much as 85% of the main river’s water. The Nile River supplies the vast majority of Egypt’s fresh-water needs and much of the water used by Sudan, and neither country wants a new treaty focusing solely on the Blue Nile. The online talks resumed on Monday after disbanding in July over similar disagreements.