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Officials Say Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Could Come Soon

Senior Hamas and Israeli officials have acknowledged that a cease-fire could occur in the coming days, and as early as Friday.

Reuters reported that a senior Hamas official said a cease-fire would occur within days, while Haaretz cited Israeli political officials as saying that Israel is preparing to significantly reduce its military operations in advance of a cease-fire. Reuters also cited an unnamed Egyptian security source as saying that  both sides had agreed in principle to a cease-fire under the watchful eye of mediators and that the details were still being negotiated.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing an unnamed US official that there is a mechanism in place for a cease-fire and the only issue is timing.

The reports come after a conversation between US President Joe Biden and Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday in which Biden told Netanyahu that he “expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a cease-fire.”