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Rockets Hit Baghdad’s Green Zone, Site of Parliament, US Embassy

Iraqi officials on Thursday confirmed that at least two rockets slammed into Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, where both the parliament and the US Embassy are located. There were no immediate reports of casualties. According to a military statement, the projectiles struck near the Baghdad Operations Command, which coordinates the country’s police and military forces. The installation is situated only a few hundred yards from the US mission, which has repeatedly been targeted by Iraqi Shi’ite groups that take their orders from Tehran. Earlier this month, an attack on Camp Taji, which houses foreign forces, killed a US and a British soldier, along with an American contractor. Washington responded with air strikes against one of the pro-Iran militias, Kataib Hizbullah, believed to have been responsible for the attack. Meanwhile, the French government on Wednesday announced that it would begin pulling its forces out of Iraq, citing a need for help back home in the fight against coronavirus.