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UAE’s Hope Mars Probe Enters Red Planet’s Orbit

The United Arab Emirates’ first mission to Mars successfully entered the planet’s orbit. The Hope probe sent a signal confirming its entry into Mars’ orbit on Tuesday evening. The UAE becomes the fifth country to reach Mars, and the first Arab country to do so.

The Emirates Mars Mission has so far cost the UAE $200 million.  It is expected to soon start sending data and pictures about the Martian atmosphere and climate. Hope will complete one scientific orbit of the planet every 55 hours. It will provide the first global picture of weather and atmospheric dynamics on Mars. The UAE has a plan for a Mars settlement by 2117, according to Reuters.

Following the probe’s successful maneuver, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower lit up in red and began a celebratory light show.

The mission, which was launched from a Japanese space center, is expected to last for two years, and could be extended for a third year.