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UK investigating Asma Assad for Terrorism and War Crimes

Asma Assad, the wife of Syria’s president, is being investigated on accusations of committing terrorism and war crimes and could lose her British citizenship.

Britain’s Metropolitan police have opened a preliminary investigation into accusations made by the Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers that Asma Assad has committed incitement, encouraging and/or aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity, The Guardian reported Sunday.

Assad, 45, was born and educated in Syria, where she worked as an investment banker before marrying Bashar Assad in 2000. Since the start of the Syrian war ten years ago, she has spoken and made pubic appearances in support of the Syrian army, which the complaint alleges implicates her in the military’s crimes.

The preliminary investigation reportedly was launched earlier this year, according to the Guardian, and could lead to a full investigation. If she is found guilty she could be stripped of her British citizenship.