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UN Looks To Raise $4.4 Billion for Afghanistan Humanitarian Aid

The United Nations appealed for aid to Afghanistan during a high-level pledging conference on Thursday. The UN was looking to raise  $4.4 billion in “unconditional” humanitarian aid for Afghanistan, to help the 23 million people facing “acute food insecurity.” It is three times the amount sought in a similar conference in 2021 and fundraising will continue for the rest of the year, the UN said in a statement. The donor conference held on line is also hosted by the United Kingdom, Germany and Qatar.

“Years of conflict have caused prolonged suffering in Afghanistan. Now the country faces economic collapse and its worst drought in 30 years, creating unprecedented levels of need. Aid organizations warn that while emergency response is necessary, it is not enough to meet the totality of needs in Afghanistan. The economy, basic institutions of the state and essential service delivery must be preserved to stave off worsening food insecurity and a breakdown in the social fabric,” the statement said. In the first two months of the year, humanitarian organizations provided assistance to 12.7 million people, prioritizing women, girls and minority groups.

Germany pledged $221.46 million, Qatar pledged $25 million, and the United States pledged $204 million at the beginning of the conference.

Afghanistan is ruled by the Taliban, which seized power when the US withdrew its troops in late August 2021.