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US Working To Get Iraq Missile Defense Capabilities, Sullivan Says

In the wake of Iran’s ballistic missile attack on Irbil in northern Iraq near the US Consulate and surrounding residential areas, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that the Biden Administration is working to help Iraq get missile defense capabilities.

“We condemn Iran for carrying out this attack. We’re still gathering information on what precisely the target was,” Sullivan said on Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation. Sullivan said that no US facilities were hit and no US citizens injured in the attack. “But the United States is absolutely clear, we will do whatever it takes to defend our people, our interests, and our allies, and we are in consultation with the Iraqi government and the government in Iraqi Kurdistan, in part to help them get the missile defense capabilities to be able to defend themselves in their cities.”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claimed responsibility for the attack. The Kurdish regional government said the 12 ballistic missiles fired on Sunday morning targeted the US Consulate.

Several months ago, US troops at Irbil airport were targeted on several occasions by Iran-aligned militia groups. The latest attack comes as the US is in the final stages of negotiations on a revitalized nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers.