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Violent Clashes in Jerusalem Between Palestinians, Israel Police Continue

Clashes continued between Palestinians and Israel Police officers at the Damascus gate outside the Old City of Jerusalem. At least 17 Palestinian rioters were arrested Saturday night and into Sunday morning for infractions including throwing rocks, assaulting police officers and throwing fire bombs.

The unrest spread to areas in the West Bank, including near crossings between Israel and Palestinian areas and checkpoints, and in Gaza on the border with Israel. Palestinian groups also said that rockets fired from Gaza on southern Israel over the weekend were in response to the on-going clashes in Jerusalem.

The clashes began on April 13 with the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, after police refused to allow worshippers to congregate on the steps of the Damascus Gate following a day of fasting, a long-standing tradition. Police have been accused of using unnecessary force in dealing with the worshippers and protesters.

Meanwhile, Palestinian in eastern Jerusalem have attacked Jews, including the near-lynching of a Jewish motorist in the Wadi Joz neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem, and an attack on a Jewish man walking his dog captured on video in which he was hit with a rocks and a club and beaten by assailants as they shouted “Jew, Jew.”