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Violent Clashes on Temple Mount in Jerusalem Injure Hundreds

Hundreds of Palestinian protesters and at least 16 Israel Police officers injured as clashes continued on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem on Monday. Palestinians threw rocks and firecrackers at the police from the holy site, causing the officers to enter the site, leading to more confrontation, according to reports.

Jewish Israelis began gathering in Jerusalem on Monday for Jerusalem Day, a celebration of the reunification of the city which brings large crowds of Jewish celebrants and includes a national religious march through the city’s Muslim Quarter. Police had been considering whether to reroute the so-called Flag March through the Old City but announced Monday that the route through the Damascus Gate would go on as planned. The Damascus Gate has been a flashpoint of violence between Palestinians and security forces throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and the march gathers tens of thousands of young national-religious Israeli Jews.

Palestinian rioters attacked Israeli cars driving near the Lion’s Gate. One driver lost control of his car and slammed into a Palestinian throwing rock. A seven-month-old baby riding in one of the cars was injured after being hit by a thrown rock.

The Israel Police announced that Jews would not be allowed to visit the Temple Mount, a popular pilgrimage on Jerusalem Day. Some Jewish activists attempted to force their way in but were prevented from doing so.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported at midday that more than 300 Palestinians have been injured in the violence on the Temple Mount, many by sponge-tipped rubber bullets being shot by security forces.