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Salmon from Norway, Scotland, Alaska… and Now Dubai

The emirate’s Fish Farm says why import salmon when you can raise it yourself – with a little help from hi-tech

You might think that a Gulf emirate, with its deserts and often ungodly heat, would be the last place to find anyone raising salmon, a species of water life universally associated with the icier climes of, say, Scotland or Norway. But there it is, Dubai’s Fish Farm, devoting four of its 34 tanks to the popular cold-water fish.

Established in 2013, the company expanded its reach in 2017 by importing 40,000 salmon “fingerlings” from Scotland. Today it produces 20,000-30,000 lb. of salmon each month, strictly for domestic consumption. And of course, there’s no longer a need to import fingerlings. In fact, Fish Farm points with pride to a major part of its philosophy: sustainability.

To learn more, The Media Line spoke with Nigel Lewis, aquaculture manager at Fish Farm.

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