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The Need for Remembrance (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

A Holocaust educator talks to The Media Line about the challenges – and successes – involved in keeping the memories and lessons alive for future generations

Three-quarters of a century following the Holocaust, the need for further research and education into the era’s greatest human calamity is clearly evident.

School curricula are often incomplete or entirely lacking. Revisionism and denial are rampant. And survivors – with their stories of pre-war life, wartime chaos, fear and inhumanity, and finally post-war hope – are passing from the world.

All of this presents a monumental challenge for Shulamit Imber, pedagogical director of the International School for Holocaust Studies at Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center. The Media Line discussed this with her in two parts.

Shulamit Imber, Part 1:

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Shulamit Imber, Part 2:

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