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Expert Tips: Why Israelis Waste Staggering Amounts Of Food & How To Combat The Problem (with AUDIO)

According to the Fourth Annual Food Waste and Rescue Report, jointly compiled by Leket Israel and the accounting firm BDO, Israelis in 2018 wasted 2.5 million tons of food valued at $5.5 billion—amounting to 35 percent of all food produced in the country.

The study found that almost half of the loss was salvageable, and that an average Israeli family throws out sustenance worth $890 per year, equivalent to a month and a half of household food consumption expenditures.

The waste—more than 80 percent of which occurs after the production stage—was determined to dramatically increase the cost of living in Israel.

The Media Line spoke about the problem and how to combat it with Gidi Kroch, CEO of Leket Israel, an organization dedicated to “rescuing food.”

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