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Stuffed to the Brim: Saving Excess Food This Passover Holiday (VIDEO)

On Friday night, Jews worldwide will usher in the Passover holiday, commemorating their exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery. Families will gather for the ceremonial Seder meal and read the Haggadah, which recounts the story of Moses and the ten plagues brought by God upon Pharaoh.

In Israel, preparations are in full swing, with families taking great pains to clean every inch of their houses to ensure that not even a crumb of leavened bread, which is forbidden on Passover, remains. Instead, Jews consume Matzah, a flat board of hardened flour that serves as a reminder of the haste with which then-enslaved Jews ventured off into the desert for 40 years before receiving the Torah and being allowed to enter the Land of Israel.

One of the defining aspects of Passover is food; tremendous varieties; tremendous quantities and tremendous amounts of leftovers.

With newfound concerns about waste and needs of the poor, The Media Line took to the streets to find out what steps are being taking to ensure the less fortunate get their fair share.