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150,000 Israelis Demonstrate for “Social Change” Throughout the Country

An estimated 150,000 Israelis took to the streets of twelve key cities on Saturday night in a mass demonstration for social change. Triggered by a national housing crisis, the call for change has been building and, in a source of concern for politicians, appears to be transcending the usual partisan political divisions. Israelis are angry that products and services cost more than in other countries with like economies. One recent survey showed Israeli spending power to be only 80% of other OECD member nations and 60% compared to the U.S. Organizers of the protest are demanding government action in the areas of health, education and social welfare in addition to housing. Many of those protesting are being clear that their angst is not aimed solely at the Netanyahu government, but at the entire political echelon. A strike by Israel’s doctors is also earning support from the populace even though medical services available to the public continue to be sharply curtailed.