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200 Nude Israelis Pose for Photographer Spencer Tunick at Dead Sea

Renowned American photographer Spencer Tunick has done it again – photographing hundreds of nude Israelis at the Dead Sea. Sunday’s photoshoot is the third time that Tunick has created an installation about the Dead Sea, which is receding and leaving environmental problems in its wake. The male and female volunteer models were painted white, which the artist said was meant to represent the pillar of salt from the Biblical story of Sodom, in which the wife of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, looks back on the destruction of the city and is punished by being turned into a pillar of salt. The nude models range in age from 19 to 70, and they were required to stand barefoot in the hot sun on a hilltop overlooking the Dead Sea. Tunick has photographed hundreds of thousands of nude models on every continent over the last three decades. The project was undertaken in cooperation with the Tourism Ministry, the Arad Municipality and the Dead Sea Revival Project. It will support the creation of a Dead Sea Museum in the nearby city of Arad.