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7 Inspired by Al-Qa’ida Arrested in Israel

Israeli security authorities have arrested seven men believed to have been inspired to violence by Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qa’ida. The arrests, which were just revealed, were made several months ago in relation to an investigation into the murder of a Jewish taxi driver in the north of Israel. The seven are Israeli Arabs and are alleged to have been planning other attacks on Jewish and Christian targets. A police official told Israel Radio that the group was uncovered when two of the men travelled to Kenya intending to go from there to Somalia where they could join the fight against American forces. They were intercepted by Kenyan officials who deported the pair and tipped off Israeli officials to their plans. The other five were given up during questioning of the first two. In addition to killing the taxi driver, they are charged with the attempted murder of a Christian they believed cursed the prophet Mohammad. In Saudi Arabia, a woman dubbed the “First Lady of Al-Qa’ida” has been arrested. Heila Al-Qusayyer is alleged to have run a cell 60-strong and was purported to be Al-Qa’ida’s principal fundraiser in the region, accepting donations of cash and jewelry.