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85-year Old American Admits Spying for Israel

Ben-Ami Kadish, an 85-year-old retired engineer who worked for the United States army at the Picitiny, New Jersey arsenal, has admitted that he spied for Israel in the 1980s. Kadish pleaded guilty to a count of serving as an unregistered agent for Israel. According to the government, Kadish was acting out of a desire to help Israel and not for monetary gain. He faces a maximum term of five years in prison. Another American charged with passing classified documents to Israel during the 1980s, Jonathan Pollard, received a sentence of life without parole and has been jailed for more than 20 years. Kadish photographed classified documents concerning nuclear weapons, the F-15 jet program and the Patriot missile system and passed them to the same Israeli handler who took documents from Pollard. For two decades, Kadish has avoided the sort of attention that befell Pollard, whose supporters argue that he was unfairly sentenced to life for a crime no one else has been jailed more than four years for. A secret sentencing memo provided to the judge in the case, and believed to be the reason for the harsh sentence, has never been made public. But some believe that crimes referred to were actually carried out by master spy Aldrich Ames, who was later apprehended and is also serving a life term. It was Ames who prepared the damage assessment in the Pollard case.