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$86 Million Transferred To ‘Abbas By U.S.

The White House announced this week that the United States has transferred $86 million to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud ‘Abbas. A national security spokesman said the money was intended "to support efforts to reform Palestinian civil security forces under the direct command of the Office of the President."  The "funds will be utilized exclusively for non-lethal supplies and training," according to the spokesman. Some Palestinians are concerned that the flaunting of the American embrace of ‘Abbas while he is locked in a struggle with Hamas is counterproductive. They argue that the American largesse enables Hamas to portray ‘Abbas as a puppet of the Bush administration. On Tuesday, independent Palestinian legislator Mu’stafa Barghouti told The Media Line that the American effort to bolster ‘Abbas "hurts him." [Hear the interview with Mu’stafa Barghouti under "Audio" on the home page of www.themedialine.org [1]]