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Al-Qaddafi Forces Given Surrender Ultimatum

Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) government has told forces loyal to deposed strongman Muamar Al-Qaddafi they have until Saturday to surrender the areas still under their control. “By Saturday, if there are no peaceful indications for implementing this, we will decide this manner militarily. We do not wish to do so but we cannot wait longer,” Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the head of Libya’s interim council, told a news conference. His forces have surrounded Sirte, the center of Al-Qaddafi’s supporters, but have stopped short of an all-out assault. Al-Qaddafi has been on the run since his foes captured his Tripoli compound on August 23. Meanwhile, Aisha, Al-Qaddafi’s daughter is reportedly to have given birth to a baby less than 24 hours after her mother and three brothers escaped Libyan territory into Algeria. A senior NTC official in Libya told Al Jazeera television that Saadi Al-Qaddafi, the third son of deposed leader, is willing to give himself up