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American Administration “Horrified” at Syrian Strikes on ISIS Home Town

Yesterday’s bombing by the Syrian regime of the town of Raqqa, considered to be the home base of ISIS, the Islamic State, “horrified” American officials according to a statement by State Department spokesperson Jan Psaki. About 100 people were killed by what the US described as “indiscriminate bombing” – at least half believed to be civilians. The regime bombing came as the US-led coalition did its own bombing, underscoring the awkward parallel missions that on the American side ignore the 200,000 deaths President Assad has inflicted upon his nation since the start of the civil war. Psaki said Assad “lost his right to rule,” but the US is still reportedly unwilling to take any action to depose the Syrian despot. Voices in the region have accused the Obama administration of supporting – at least in a de facto way – the Assad regime which they insist is the recipient of Washington’s anti-ISIS campaign. Administration officials insist the only communication with Damascus is to coordinate between air forces so each doesn’t shoot at the other.