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Analysis: Iranian President Rouhani Politically Impaired by Nuclear Deal with US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is losing political strength to the so-called “hard liners” largely as a result of the nuclear deal with the Western powers according to an analysis published by the Reuters news agency. To supporters – who see Rouhani as a moderate – he has delivered on his 2013 campaign promise to end Iran’s diplomatic isolation and has managed to have most of the sanctions that were choking the Islamic Republic’s economy lifted by the Western nations. But according to Reuters, the “hard-liners” who have the ear of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, are successfully lobbying the Supreme Ruler against Rouhani, which could result in his powers being curtailed or even his removal from office. At the crux of the feud is the lack of an expected economic recovery and improvement in the standard of living. Rouhani’s defenders insist it’s not the president’s fault that oil prices have not recovered and foreign investment is still in the talking stages. According to the report, the Ayatollah’s entourage fears Rouhani’s personal popularity poses a threat to their authority.