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Anti-Government Protests Across Iran are not Going Away

The spate of anti-government demonstrations that are appearing virtually spontaneously are showing no signs of abating after three days. The poor economy is ostensibly the catalyst for the street protests, but observers note that an overall dissatisfaction with the government is being seen at the rallies. On Saturday, pro-government demonstrators also took to the streets in an effort to drown out their political opponents. Reports from Al-Arabyia, the Saudi-based news agency – Saudi Arabia being Iran’s nemesis – on Saturday shows three bodies said to have been protesters killed while demonstrating in the central Iranian city of Doroud being paraded through the streets while chants of “death to [Ayatollah] Khamenei.” The agency also reports threats to “confront violence, fear and terror,” asserted by Iranian Interior Minister Abdolrahman Rahmani Fazli, referring to the anti-government protesters. Mass arrests of those demonstrating have begun.


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