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Bennett Releases Nuclear Documents Stolen From Iran That Show It Spied on IAEA

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made public on Tuesday documents stolen from Iran by Israel that Bennett says show that Iranian intelligence spied on the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog. Bennett’s release of the documents, offered in a link tweeted by the prime minister, comes after Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week of the accusation that the Islamic Republic spied on the IAEA: “Unfortunately, the Zionists are spreading lies, lots of lies.” In a video accompanying the link, Bennett said: “Spreading lies? Come on. I’m holding right here the proof of your lies in my hands. You see, after Iran stole classified documents from the UN’s atomic agency, Iran used that information to figure out what the atomic agency was hoping to find, and then created cover stories and hid evidence to evade their nuclear probes. So how do we know this? Because we got our hands on Iran’s deception plan a few years back. And it’s right here in my hands.” Bennett also said that the hundreds of pages of documents, written in Persian and bearing the stamp of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, have some handwritten notes on them. “Iran lied to the world, Iran is lying to the world again right now, and the world must make sure that Iran doesn’t get away scot-free,” Bennett said. In April 2018, then-Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed a huge archive of Iranian nuclear plans stolen out of the country by Israel’s Mossad. The public release of the documents comes a day after a report released by the IAEA found that it had questions that were “not clarified” regarding previous undeclared nuclear material at three Iranian sites.