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Blair: No Regrets for Removing “Monster” Saddam

Speaking before a governmental panel investigating events that lead up to Britain’s participation in the war to topple Saddam Hussein, former Prime Minister Tony Blair was adamant in his lack of regret for joining with former U.S. President George W. Bush in launching the war in Iraq. Blair said Saddam was “a monster who threatened not just the region but the whole world.” On the issue of whether Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, Blair said he would make the same decision again. He said that, “if there was any possibility that he could develop weapons of mass destruction, we should stop him.”  Tempers continue to run high in the U.K. on the issue of the war in Iraq and in particular, Tony Blair’s role and what some people allege were secretive consultations with Bush. Hundreds of protestors demonstrated outside during Blair’s testimony, during which he denied any “covert” deals with Bush.