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Call to Recognize Yazidi Faith to Save Yazidis being Slaughtered by ISIS

The U.K.-based AMAR Foundation is calling for international recognition of the Yazidi faith as the only way to save its adherents from continued slaughter by the Islamic State. The Yazidis are considered to be devil worshipers, an epithet that gives ISIS fighters the so-called ‘right’ it needs in order to carry out the atrocities that have become commonplace. Many Yazidi girls are kidnapped by the time they turn 17 and become sex slaves – often tortured themselves – and worse. Although Iraqi President Haider Al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS last December, apparently no one has notified the Islamic State of that development. Yazidis, for example, are routinely attacked and brutally tortured and used as sex slaves. An estimated 12,000 Yazidis have been either killed or kidnapped.