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Clinton Reassures Morsy Anti-US Demonstrations Won’t Derail Aid

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reported to have reassured Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy that the raucous anti-US demonstrations seen in Egypt during the past week won’t derail American plans to expand its aid package for Cairo. In a 45-minute meeting in New York on the sidelines of the opening sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, Clinton let Morsy know that he can expect a $1 billion debt relief package to be forthcoming in addition to its $1.3 billion annual assistance. The US is also using its prestige to support a proposed aid package of $4.8 billion being considered by the International Monetary Fund. There was no report of discussion about Morsy’s plan to rehabilitate Iran by bringing into an alliance with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in exchange for Iran distancing itself from Syrian President Al-Assad.