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Court Orders Netanyahu to Answer Charges in December, Attend Evidence Phase in January

Critics of Prime Minister Netanyahu who argue that he will be distracted from his official duties once his trial begins in earnest have new orders from the court to bolster their claim. Previously, Netanyahu was able to obtain a delay of the evidentiary stage until January when his attorney argued that he could not cross-examine while he and the witness were wearing masks. But with that ruling came word that Netanyahu would be required to attend court sessions three days per week during the evidentiary phase. On Sunday, the District Court told Netanyahu that he was required to appear in court on December 6 to answer charges of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery. The prime minister’s detractors have tried to force him to step down based on the argument that he cannot both manage the affairs of state and defend himself in court. But the PM survived attempts to force his resignation upon indictment and even during trial.