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Disunity Over Goldstone Response Continues to Plague Israeli Government

Israel’s various arms of officialdom continue to wrangle over the issue of meeting the United Nations’ demand to conduct an independent review of the Human Rights Council’s investigation into the conduct of last January’s war in the Gaza Strip. Last week, the Israeli army (IDF) submitted a report to the U.N. that was compiled by the Military Advocate General’s office. Although the IDF argues that the report qualifies as independent because the MAG does not answer to those being investigated, it is unlikely that the U.N. or the international community will accept its reasoning. Israel must then decide whether to reverse its policy of ignoring Goldstone and denying the validity of the report that bears his name, and thereby leaving itself open to possible U.N. sanctions. The decision is complicated by the Obama administration’s insinuations that it might not exercise a Security Council veto on behalf of Israel unless it gets its own concessions relative to the peace process with the Palestinians from the Netanyahu government. Israeli government sources speaking on the condition of anonymity have told The Media Line that other branches of government are angry with the army’s decision to conduct its own investigation and release its own report. But there is dissent even within the ranks of the cabinet on the issue of whether Israel should bow to international pressure and conduct the investigation.