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Divorce Rates Soar in Oman as Women Become Better Educated, Better Paid

Divorce rates are rising in Oman as women have received better educations and are landing good jobs that pay them well. In 2021, more than 3,800 divorces were filed, some 12% more divorces than the previous year. In addition, some 67% of the divorces were initiated by women, according to Al Jazeera. More women are seeking to get divorced now than a decade ago, according to the report. Meanwhile, women in Oman make up some 62% of the total number of women enrolled in universities and colleges, whereas ten years ago they made up a total of 39% of the student population at colleges and universities. One marriage counselor told Al Jazeera that about seven of every 10 of her patients is an educated woman who holds a good-paying job, and that these 70% of women want to leave their marriage so her husband will stop controlling her.