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Ehud Olmert First Former Premier Convicted for Taking Bribes

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday became the first former prime minister in the nation’s history to be convicted of taking bribes. The verdict came shortly after Olmert’s most trusted aide of more than thirty years concluded a plea arrangement and turned over a tape to the court that reportedly contained Olmert’s voice cajoling that aide, Shula Zaken, to not sign a witness deal with the state. New charges including witness tampering and obstruction of justice might follow. In his ruling, the presiding judge accused the former prime minister of lying in court. The case revolves around a series f bribes made in regard to the luxury “Holyland” housing development being built in Jerusalem. Zaken’s plea includes 11 months in jail, a fine, and the returning of gifts given her that the court construes to be bribes. Former Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky was also convicted of taking bribes during his tenure in office.