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Report: Israel Boosts Protection Around Nuclear Reactors

The joke used to be about seeing Israel’s “textile factory” at the southern site of Dimona. There wasn’t an Israeli or visitor to the Jewish state who didn’t know the textile factory was – is – a nuclear reactor. While the misnomer was a calculated part of the nation’s policy of nuclear ambiguity – neither confirming nor denying that it had nukes – it was no joke. Today, as the Islamic Republic openly speaks about targeting the Israeli reactors, it’s less funny than ever before. This week, the daily newspaper Haaretz is running a story about efforts by Israel’s security echelon to increase its protection of the reactors. It spoke to a recent simulated attack by Iran and/or its Lebanon-based terror proxy Hizbullah on the nuclear facilities that was run by the Israel Atomic Energy Commission and suggested that while a strike on the reactors would be a “major propaganda achievement” it would not “endanger Israelis.” Haaretz wrote about a recent conference of nuclear engineers who dealt with the various possible strikes at the reactors and the potential results from each scenario.